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Another Race

Today, I ran my second half marathon for the year. (read about this year’s first half here) It was awesome. Here’s my race update for those that want to read about it.


I was kind of nervous to run, just because I had to take eight straight days off from running while recovering from my surgery a few weeks ago. I honestly didn’t know what to expect for this race and went in with lower expectations. We had beautiful running weather – 65 degrees and sunny – and minimal wind, which for those of you who live here in Japan know that the wind can be very unforgiving, especially around the flight line.

The race started out fast. There was also a 10k race at the same time and at the same starting line. So, obviously, 10k runners will run their race faster than a half marathoner (generally). I mean, I run my 10k’s at a faster pace than a half, so I’m guessing everyone does.  The group out in front were mostly the 10k runners and me being the competitive person I am, I pushed my pace a little more than I had wanted. I started my first mile at a 7:30 pace and slowed up to an 8:00 min pace for what I hoped for the next five miles.

Five miles in I was still feeling really good, so I decided to keep the pace for the next five miles. I told myself if I ever felt the need to slow up to an 8:30 min/mi pace, I would. The first half went really well. Ten miles went by, and I surprised myself at how well I was feeling. Around 11 miles my legs were getting a little tired but since I knew the course so well (it was on base where we live), I knew I only had a little bit left to go. My last two miles ended up being a little slower, right around an 8:25min/mi pace. I finished strong and felt great crossing that finish line.

This was the inaugural half marathon on base and so they still need to work a few kinks out. The race ended up being 13.4 miles, according to my (and everyone else’s) GPS. Oh well, it is what it is. I ran my PR at 1:47:09 which I was very excited about. I placed 2nd place in my age group (women under 34 years old) and 2nd overall in the women’s category. I’ve only ever placed for shorter races, so this was pretty exciting for me!

IMG_5944I really wish Adam could have been there to watch me run, but I know he was cheering me on from Australia! {where he is for training right now}

The next half I was thinking about running is April 21, but Adam just got leave approved for a mini-vacation that weekend, so I think I’m going to take one race off and hopefully pick back up again later this spring or summer.



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