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Tokyo’s Fashion Night Out

Last night, my most wonderful and dearest friend, Kyra, and I went to Tokyo’s Fashion Night Out. We set out via the trains around 5:00pm in search of a restaurant we had found online that immediately drew us in from the name: Sweets Paradise.

It did not disappoint.

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Kyra and I both have a sweet tooth and Japanese desserts rate as some of the most delicious in this world. We walked in, each put around 1,500yen ($15) in a machine and out popped our tickets. We brought it to the ladies at the front desk and they ushered us back to our table. We were given a few instructions as to how the restaurant works (pretty much: stuff your face) and the next hour or so we indulged in some of the most delectable sweets I have ever had.

From there, we took a much needed mile walk (on a very big sugar high) to the beginning of the Fashion Night Out. Over 60 stores had their doors opened to the public while offering free drinks and other small collectables that signified the famous fashion night. It was so much fun.

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Our favorites stores included Burberry, Coach (obviously — see below) and Louis Vuitton.

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It was a wonderful, enjoyable girls night out that really included everything a lady could want: delicious food, great friends, fashion, and free alcohol!


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Top 10 Reasons You Know You’ve Lived in Japan For a While

With our up-coming move back to the States, I’ve been reminiscing about our time here in Japan. Will I miss it? Yes. Would I want to come back here again? Probably not. It’s been a pretty long and difficult time for our family while living here – a lot of it due to Adam being gone so much and my health issues I dealt with while no family is around to help. (Thankfully, I’ve got military family though that stepped up in many amazing ways! You ladies are awesome!) So, with the past three years in mind, here is a quick list I put together.


You know you’ve lived in Japan for a while when…

-looking online for potential houses to purchase back in the States, you find a really nice 2,700 sq. ft. house and your first thought is, “Bummer, I probably wouldn’t be able to vacuum the entire house while plugged into one outlet.” 

-your two-year-old thinks trains are the main way of transportation. (She will be sorely disappointed when we move to Mississippi!)

-on said train, you feel the need to shush your child when they talk at a normal decibel level because it’s usually quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

-a store is 7 miles away and you plan for it to take an hour to get there. And are pleasantly surprised when you make it in that amount of time.

-shopping at a local store, you can leave your stroller with your purse sitting outside and are confident it will all be there when you exit twenty minutes later.

-you know all the good online stores that ship and how quickly it will take to get here.

-you think driving on the left side of the road is completely normal and it scares you to think about driving back on the right side.

-you always take along a full meal for your children when going out to eat because you don’t know what exactly you will get when you order.

-you find yourself bowing your head to everyone you pass, including fellow Americans.

-driving down the road, you see a car and think, “wow, that’s a nice looking car!” and then realize it’s a Toyota Prius.