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It’s August!



Another page turned in the calendar.


The month I became a mommy for the very first time. I cherish those memories and am holding on to them as hard as I can. But slowly, very slowly, I am noticing that I need to open my tightly clenched fist and open it up to new and exciting things of motherhood. Like potty-training. And learning songs together. Reading books. Memorizing bible verses. Saying something funny, looking at each other, and laughing really hard like we have been best friends all our lives and we get each other. 

I have a birthday party to finish planning. A huge overseas move to figure out how to put all the missing pieces together so the girls and I can go back home next month. A wonderful, awesome friend coming to visit in a few weeks.

So much to look forward to. Thanks, August, for finally arriving. It’s been a long summer so far and I’m glad you are here.

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We are down to two more days until Adam is here! Unless you have done long separations with your loved one, it’s hard to describe the feelings involved with a homecoming. Granted, this time he wasn’t even gone a full month, but to be quite honest, some of the feelings are just the same as the homecomings of his 6 month long deployments.

Excitement. Anxiousness. Happiness. Joy.

I’m beyond excited, as is Brooklyn, to have Adam back with us again. It’s really hard to live my life playing the roles of two people, yet only having the human ability to be one. We are not designed to be both a mom and a dad to our little ones. Thankfully, God has given me the strength to at least attempt this while Adam is away from us. At first there are more hard days than easy while we are all adjusting. But, life continues to go on and we need to move on with it.

Adam is personally flying a jet back from Australia. He’ll be in the cockpit between 8-9 hours by himself. Yes, I’m nervous. Yes, I know he’s capable, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling anxious. I’ll be praying a lot on Tuesday for his safety.


I’m so ready to hear the jets approaching the base, seeing them flying in formation overhead and knowing that my husband is flying in one of those. I’m getting all tingly just thinking of it. The look of pure joy and happiness on Brooklyn’s face when she sees her daddy climb out of his plane about does me in every time. Her silent pride of her daddy is something so special. For both her and Adam.


So, on that note, I’m going to take a few days break from the blog. I have an apartment to clean, fridge to stock, camera to prepare, and homecoming outfits to lay out.


*all photos taken by Teena Hester from our homecoming last year

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Life Lately

With Adam being gone, we’ve tried to stay really busy here. I’ve planned something every single day this past week, and while it helps the time go by much quicker, it also poses as a challenging adventure bringing out and watching both of the girls by myself. Scarlett is in the awkward stage of me not wanting her to roam around unknown places because she’ll be sure to pick up unwanted germs. Brooklyn is at the age where she can play with other children and doesn’t require a constant eye of supervision, but she’s still too young to be left alone completely so I’m stuck between holding a wiggling baby and keeping peace between my toddler and her friends.

Which is why I love hosting things at my house. I know exactly what Scarlett will and won’t get into. I can have her nap at the needed times, and Brooklyn loves to show her toys to her friends. So, even though hosting coffee dates, luncheons, and dinners can be more work by the necessity to clean, bake, cook, etc., I find it completely worth it!

I guess this post doesn’t have much direction, other than we are awaiting Adam’s return in just over a week with much anticipation. He has enjoyed Australia so far, even with getting sick for a few days, and I can’t wait to hear firsthand and see the pictures he’s taken. He is planning on diving the Great Barrier Reef next weekend. While I’m jealous that he’ll be experiencing such a cool thing, I don’t envy the deep water aspect of it. Due to a scary incident when I was 13, I no longer enjoy deep water and unfortunately for Adam, I don’t even snorkel in deep water because of the scare I had. So I’m glad he’s getting this opportunity to do it while I’m not there.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. I’ve managed to take the girls out every day for a run and then time at the park. Brooklyn loves kicking the soccer ball around and Scarlett is starting to enjoy toddling around on the grass. The cherry blossoms will be out in the next couple weeks and I’m so excited to photograph such a beautiful spring flower! It’s too bad the life of the flower is only a few days.

I downloaded Downton Abbey’s season three this past week and have been watching it after the girls go down to bed at night. I just finished it up tonight and all I can say is – what was Julian Fellowes thinking when he wrote this?? I knew what would happen, thanks to so many people’s outcries after the season ended about a month ago, but it still shocked me just the same.

Any fellow Downton fans think the same thing??