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10 Mile Race Recap


Early Saturday morning, I got ready in record time and hopped in the car to drive 2.5 hours to the race. Adam was supposed to race too, but his work schedule had changed that week so I was on my own. It was a quiet ride there (which is rare for this mom of three!) and I arrived an hour early to pick up my race packet and finish my race prep.

It was much colder than I had anticipated so I sat in my car until I met up with my friend Anna about 15 minutes before the start. We huddled and shivered with the rest of the runners until they announced the race was finally going to begin. It was an out and back, which I’m not too fond of.

The race started off and I was honestly running to just warm up! I was cold down to my bones which is always hard for me to shake. I listened to a podcast for the first 8 miles, and the last two miles I took my headphones out and ran in the silence.

The course was very hilly and when I was running the first 5 miles, I knew that every hill I was running down I would be running back up on the way back to the finish line. My goal was to run at a 7:30/mile pace and I ended up running just under that so I was very happy! Especially since I did not take into consideration all those hills!

My split times were as follows:

Mile 1 / 7:03

Mile 2 / 7:15

Mile 3 / 7:30

Mile 4 / 7:55

Mile 5 / 7:12

Mile 6 / 7:46

Mile 7 / 7:08

Mile 8 / 7:48

Mile 9 / 7:26

Mile 10 / 7:07


I meet up with Anna again after the race. We hung out until the awards ceremony (I placed 3rd overall female and Anna placed 1st in her age group.) I loved having her there and the race crowd and volunteers were all very nice.


Overall, it was a fun race and I definitely will look into running it again!

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Frostbite Half Race Recap

Some exciting news first! I am currently writing an e-course! I would love to get your opinions on a few things before I complete it, since I am writing this e-course for you. I would be very grateful if you would fill out this quick, 6 question survey for me! THANK YOU!


I live in the South where there are limited, good racing months throughout the year. Once April or May hits, it is unbearable to run outside past 9am. This continues until around September or October. So, I take advantage of the few good race months that I do get and run as many races as our family schedule and budget allow.

This past Thursday, I saw that the upcoming weekend was going to be absolutely beautiful. Adam’s work schedule changed the day before, so when I asked him about about getting out of town for the day to race, he agreed to come along with our kids.

I signed up for the Frostbite Half, and Adam and the kids for the Fun Run.

The race was a 10am start, which allowed us to leave our house by 7:45am and still make it in time for packet pick-up and a quick warm-up before the race began. The sun was out by time we arrived at the packet pick-up tent and around 58 degrees.

The race ended at 71 degrees out!

I split off from Adam and the kids around 9:55am to head to the starting line and do a quick, dynamic warm-up. I honestly had not prepped for this race how I usually do (no tapering the week before, no adequate hydration the days prior, and I didn’t eat my normal pre-race sweet potato hash meal the night before). I guess that’s what happens when you sign up on 2 days before the race. 

I set a goal of finishing 1:45, since I knew I wasn’t as prepared as I usually like to be. I figured I wasn’t going to hit a PR so I would just run to enjoy a new city and wave and talk to as many volunteers and by-standers as possible.

The race started at a quick pace. I always tend to go out faster for the first mile to see how my legs feel and what I think I’ll be capable of for the race. (I honestly don’t recommend this to beginners! Usually you want to start right at your desired pace.)

My legs were tired from the harder strength workouts I had done during that week.

I enjoyed the race and ran at a pretty leisurely pace. I never stressed trying to hit a certain pace each mile and it was a bit refreshing! I knew I could have pushed it a little more, but I didn’t want to be too tired for my ten-mile race this coming weekend so I ran what was comfortable for me. This was just more of a fun run.

Silly selfie at mile 12.

I ended up crossing the finish line at 1:41:00 (my GPS showed it was slightly under the 13.1 mile distance), and ended up finising 2nd over all female! I was honestly very surprised! It was a smaller race though, which helps placing a bit easier. 🙂

My family was there at the end, cheering me on through the finish line and it was the perfect end to a good race.

Blessed with the best cheerleaders!

Details of my race morning (for those that care):

Breakfast that morning: a large glass of water, banana, coffee, and homemade granola bar. (can be found in my ebook here)

On the 1.5 hour ride up, I drank more water and finished my cup of coffee.

During the race I ate 1/3 of a Cocount Creme Lara Bar. I always gage how I’m feeling energy-wise around mile 6. I was feeling really strong and not lagging in the energy department. Around mile 8 I ate a bite of the Lara bar and honestly felt good the rest of the run! I ran with a plastic (eek, I usually am completely against plastic) water bottle and drank that as I went so I didn’t need to grab water from a water stop until around mile 10 when I had finished my water bottle.

I wore shorts, a race tank top, my compression sleeves, and my Asics. 🙂