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Fitness Friday

I get quite a few questions regarding my fitness and running, and so I thought hey, why not compile them and put them in a blog post for all to see? So, for your viewing pleasure here is the very first Fitness Friday blog post.

How many miles do you run a week? On average, I run between 40-45 miles weekly. Some weeks I run less, some weeks more. It mainly depends on weather, the girls, and Adam’s schedule. 

How often do you run with the girls? About 75% of my runs are while pushing my girls in the jogger. If Adam is flying late at night, I’ll try to get in a run in the morning before he heads into work or sometimes I run when I get a babysitter, but otherwise the girls are usually with me. At first I didn’t like pushing the double jogger as it slows me down, but I now use it as a training tool since it has allowed me to become much stronger. I am my fastest now than I have ever been, and I attribute a lot of that to pushing the girls. (My last half marathon was at an 8:00 min/mi pace and my last 5k around a 6:30 pace. I’ve never been that fast before). 

How are the girls able to last during your runs? Since both girls have been riding in the jogger since infancy, I truly believe it has helped them to “tolerate” riding in the stroller now. I can usually get in a good 6-7 miles before they want to get out. In order for them to last that long, I take toys and snacks along. Also, weather permitting, I stop at a park after the run for them to play. Since that has become our norm, they are pretty good with waiting 45 minutes because they know what’s at the end. It also helps that I run around the flight line so they get to see various planes and helicopters flying. 

Where do you run? On base. For the ease of being able to walk outside our building and begin my run immediately, I just stay local. Japan has a lot to offer outside the gate, but it just takes too much more effort and time that I would rather just stay around here. 

Are you currently training for a race? Not really. I love staying in shape and running allows me to clear my head and reduce my stress level so I do it for enjoyment. My friend, Molly, just put her name in the lottery for the NYC marathon and depending on where we move next, I would LOVE to run it with her this November. 

What do you do for strength training? I actually should strength train much more than I do and if I begin marathon training again, I will have to incorporate more into my workouts. My friend, Diana, does a stroller fitness class twice a week on base and I love her workouts. Unfortunately, Scarlett still takes a morning nap which falls directly during the stroller fitness class so I don’t get to it nearly as much as I would like. I sometimes just strength train at home using our TRX equipment or doing your basic push-ups and crunches routine. 

How do you stay motivated? First, I know the awesome feeling that comes from finishing a good run, so that in and of itself pushes me. Also, I like to switch up my workout play list and I find that keeps me pumped up. 

Here is my current playlist: 

Impossible (Anberlin)

The Resistence (Anberlin)

Feel Good Drag (Anberlin)

Midnight City (M83)

Time to Pretend (MGMT)

Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men)

Think Twice (Eve 6)

Ho Hey (The Lumineers)

Stubborn Love (The Lumineers)

Titanium (David Guetta & Sia)

Lights (Ellie Goulding)

One More Night (Maroon 5)

The Way I Are (Timbaland)

Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)

Entertainment (Phoenix)

Punching in a Dream (The Naked and Famous)

Young Blood (The Naked and Famous)

My Body (Young the Giant)

Cough Syrup (Young the Giant)

That’s all I have for you today. I would love to hear any other fitness questions you may have and incorporate them into my next Fitness Friday post! I want to leave you with a picture that I hold near and dear to my heart. The other day Brooklyn wanted to go running with Mommy, so Adam captured this picture on his iPhone for me. Makes my heart so proud! 

running with B

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