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Help with Deployment {for kids}


Having a deploying husband who is away from us for six months every year {for this three year tour} makes it very difficult for our two-year-old to understand why Daddy leaves so much. Adam left last week for training in Australia until the end of March and while it’s not as long of a time as his deployments, it still affects our lives here at home.

Yesterday, my friend gave me this deployment kit created by Sesame Street and we just watched it for the first time. I absolutely love it. It talks to Brooklyn on her own level and she can relate to Elmo as his Daddy leaves for a while as well. It also talks with real families that have their daddies or mommies in the armed forces that deploy. The parents and children give ideas on how they deal with the separations and how exciting it is for a homecoming. They deal with the range of feelings children go through {on a very elementary level} which makes it nice for Brooklyn to see she’s not alone.

If you have a deploying husband or wife with young children {or deal with a separation for any reason!}, I very much suggest this deployment kit! It comes with two DVD’s, a magazine for parents, and a children’s activity poster.

Check out the Sesame Street link here with more talk, listen, connecting ideas! It even has a link to receive a kit for FREE from Military OneSource! See the website for the link. {I didn’t receive mine this way, so I’m not sure the steps to get it, but it’s worth a try!}

What are some of your ideas to help your children get through deployments?

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