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No Sweets Challenge


While I am not Catholic, I always took the 40 days of Lent as a challenge to look beyond myself and at the sacrifice of Jesus’ death on the cross by giving up something of “value” to me. I started doing this in high school and continued throughout college. I usually gave up sweets which means I would not eat candy or dessert (one year I went so far as animal crackers being a “no-no!!”)

But for the past four years during Lent, I have either been pregnant or nursing. Yes, four years. And while I am pregnant or nursing, my sweet tooth is seriously out.of.control. I tried a few times to start giving up sweets but unfortunately, just could not do it. My girls apparently liked the sweets in the womb…

Well, this year I am not pregnant or nursing and so I decided to do it again. And I’m asking any of you who want to, to join in with me! We can keep each other accountable and when you commit to something and tell others about it, you are more likely to stick with it!

So, what you do say? Are you with me? 


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