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Non-GMO Eating

In an effort to eat healthier, I’ve attempted to extract GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from my girls’ and my diet. I went through my pantry and moved all food with GMO’s to the top shelf (there are a lot!), which I’ve deemed off limits for us. If I find this change to be a positive one, I’ll give theses away and stick to our organic food I purchased from the grocery store. There are a few reasons I’ve switched over and gone on this major health kick.

The first and most pressing reason is to try to get rid of Brooklyn’s tummy issues she has had chronically since around 15 months old. I have talked to doctors about it, tried different foods or taken foods out of her diet (it’s not an intolerance to dairy as I first thought) and so I figured, why not try non-GMO food and see how it goes? After the first couple of days, I can already tell a positive change. Maybe this is what she has needed all along. If so, I feel bad for it taking me so long to figure it out!

Also, it’s better for us. All of us, as a family. If you watch this video, you just might be inspired to change your eating habits drastically as well! I’ve already scouted out the Organic shops near our next duty station and am excited for Adam to come home and start this new change with us!

Have any of you gone non-GMO? Are you interested in learning more? Check out this website here to learn about all food that contains GMO’s and how to shop for the right non-GMO products at your grocery store. I’d love to hear your stories!

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