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On This Day for Mothers

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a mom.

I had all my baby dolls named. I would dress them up, care for them, push them around in strollers, play school with them – basically everything I thought being a mom entailed. Now that I have two girls of my own, I see that while my childhood view of a mom was a little off, at a young age I had the basics down already: loving and caring for a little human being that is so completely dependent on you for everything.

I attribute my mothering skills to my mom. Looking back on my life, I have such a great appreciation for her patience and love for me and my siblings. I don’t know how she and my dad did it – raising five children with the oldest three all within three years. I’m sure she had a lot of days where she couldn’t wait for nap time or my dad to come home so she could get a break from the chaos.

But I never saw those tough moments she may have had. What I remember were the times she would sit on the floor and play my favorite game with me. I remember baking and cooking with her. Helping outside on the yard work or her teaching me how to ride a bike. She was a stay-at-home mom during my childhood and I honestly thank her and my dad for making that decision. I use all those positive memories and try to reiterate them with my girls.

I want to be the mom that I had. I want my girls to remember me with love, happiness, and great memories. I want them to know that no matter what, I will always be there for them through the great moments but also the disappointments and struggles too. I want to sacrifice the way my mom (and dad) did for me.

And ultimately, I want to raise God-fearing, Christian girls because I believe that is the greatest blessing and gift that we can get from having children – glorifying God through them.

So thank you, Mom, for being someone that I so greatly look up to. You have been there for me from day one and with your help, I want to be the wonderful mom that you were to my girls.


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