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Our Tokyo/Disney Trip

I’m back!!!

The past five days have been a whirlwind of fun, excitement, exhaustion, and a lot of great memories. So, where to begin?

Adam took the past few days off from work. It’s always nice to have a quick family vacation during the middle of the year and not around any major holidays. No large crowds to weed through {well, besides the fact that Tokyo always has crowds, but having lived here for almost three years makes it much less ominous}, no specific family parties to be at – just us going where we want, when we want. Lately, Adam has been pretty busy at work planning a detachment and so we really enjoyed getting our “family only” time with him.

Saturday we checked the first thing off our weekend bucket list by attending our first Japanese baseball game. Unfortunately, after traveling over an hour to get there and carrying the girls, stroller, and various bags up many flights of stairs, the rain began to come down a little too much for my and our girls’ liking. So, after only an inning and a half, we ended up taking cover and decided to just train/cab it back to our base. We still got to see the cool experience that a Japanese baseball game brings {only in Japan will the entire crowd stand during the top of each inning to cheer their team on and sing along to the band}, if only for a half hour.

{I would love to post video and pictures of that epic inning and a half, but alas, my iPhone leapt out of my pocket in the taxi cab, never to be seen again. Today I spent way too much time calling base security to see if someone turned it in, then having a nice Japanese lady call the taxi companies, train station, and police only to find out it has not shown up anywhere. Adam then went to the police station out in town to file a report and we suspended my cell phone. After 5 days, I have no hope of it showing up anymore. So, no pictures or videos of the game.}

Sunday we headed into Tokyo. As previously written about, we stayed at the New Sanno hotel. We got a family room, which was a must. The girls each had their own separate spaces to sleep on their schedules. The only problem was Adam and I had to share our space with Scarlett, so we were on her sleep schedule at night. The hotel room was much noisier than I’m used to, so between Scarlett’s mid-night wakings and the elevator and traffic noise, I didn’t mind laying down at 8pm because I was up a lot throughout the nights. The black-out curtains did not do their job, so by 5:30-6:00 am, we were awake.

Despite functioning on lower amounts of sleep, we had a wonderful time. Traveling with two small children ensures we get some down time for their sake, which allowed Adam his luxury naps during their nap time and me to get some mileage in on the treadmill.

After a rainy weekend, Monday brought blue skies and warmer weather. We got an early start and drove to Disney Sea.

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We arrived just as the park was opening and since it was a weekday, the wait for everything was really not bad. We also got a discount for going on a weekday. Win win! We spent the next few hours meeting Minnie Mouse, riding on Brooklyn-approved rides, seeing the sights and just having a genuinely good time!

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Tuesday, we went set out to see Ginza and the Meiji Shrine with some other sights along the way. Ginza is Tokyo’s most famous upmarket shopping and dining area. You should read more about it here. We’ve been here before but thought since we were so close to the area, we would go there again. Pretty much all the good stores are there: Prada, Tiffany’s, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Coach… you name it, they had it.

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We also trained it to the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. You can read about the Shrine here.

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All in all, a good day. We did quite a bit of walking and were all relieved to go back and hang out at the hotel for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.

That was pretty much our trip in a nutshell. Nothing too crazy. Lots of sight-seeing, lots of good food… a nice time with our family. Our traveling days are becoming very limited as Adam is heading off on deployment in a couple months and then we will be moving back. We are definitely taking advantage of our travels as much as we can!

*I know I didn’t go into much detail on specifics. If you are in the Tokyo area and want more information, please feel free to email me with your questions. I would suggest all of the locations we went to this past weekend!

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