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Soaking It All In

The dread of another deployment is looming.

The bags are starting to be packed. Wills and powers of attorney renewed. His favorite foods are  slowly disappearing from our pantry shelves. The simple things of everyday life are gradually changing.

I’m not a newbie when it comes to deployment. I’ve put in my time from being away from my husband. Deployments will never get easier as each one comes up, but my ability to handle and process it – the emotional and mental toll – just might be getting a little better each time.

I notice my bedtime shifts back later and later in the closing weeks before they leave, trying to hold on to and enjoy these last snippets of time together before he’s gone again. I’ve started to plan things, especially those first few weeks after his departure, to keep busy. I find busy-ness is the key to a successful shift of Daddy home then Daddy gone.

I’ve begun talking with our two-year-old, trying to prep her for the separation from the most important man in her life – her Daddy, buddy, and best friend. We’ve been watching Talk, Listen, Connect more recently. She’s a strong little girl and I know this time away from Daddy will only strengthen my relationship with her. Thankfully, her sister Scarlett is only a year old and will most likely not be affected in the same way, as she can’t really understand time and the concept of separation just yet.

While this deployment will be similar in that Adam is gone from us, it also brings a bit of excitement for us seeing as it’s our last one before we move onto our shore tour. We simply cannot wait to move from Japan to the land we know as home, where Adam will be around much more and get to experience the true every day life for a few years.

So, if I’m not around as much over the next little while, you understand why. We’re soaking up and enjoying as much time as we can with my husband, our little girls’ Daddy, before that good-bye comes again much too soon.

Our homecoming last November. We are already counting down the days to this years’ homecoming!


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