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Easy Egg Casserole


My husband’s work schedule changes daily. Some mornings he is out the door before 6am.  With the way our house is set up, we can’t be clanging dishes around in the kitchen at 5:30am while preparing breakfast because our oldest daughter will wake right up.

To save time and dodge a cranky child, I try to cook a large, healthy breakfast for my husband at the beginning of the week that he can quickly heat up on those really early mornings.

Insert this delicious egg casserole!


This recipe is one of those quick, easy and healthy meals you can make ahead of time and eat throughout the week without it going bad before you finish it.

With our family’s many food sensitivities, I am limited to certain foods that I can use. You can cater it to whatever your family prefers.




1 onion*

2 bell peppers*

1 pound ground pork*

10 eggs*

salt and pepper, to taste



Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Chop up onion and bell peppers and sauté in a saucepan in an oil of your choice (I use extra virgin olive oil due to our allergies). In another saucepan, cook up the pork. Once the pepper and onion mix is done, spread on the bottom of a greased 9×13 dish. After the meat is cooked, layer on top of the vegetables.

Mix up the eggs well in a bowl and pour over top of the meat and vegetables. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

Cook in the oven for 30 minutes.

I keep the rest of the casserole in our fridge and we take out whatever amount we need each morning and reheat in the microwave.


*I cook with organic, locally raised/grown foods as much as possible. I highly suggest finding a local farm that you can support! We love our local farm food!

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Poofy Organics



I am so excited to announce something big over here!

I have recently become an independent consultant for Poofy Organics. As many of you know, I am always striving to lead a healthier lifestyle both for myself and for my family. We try to eat healthy and while that is very important, I also have been feeling that what we put on our bodies (ie. deodorants, soap, etc) is also just as important as what we ingest.

If you have not heard of Poofy Organics, please feel free to head on over to their website now and peruse their products. All of the products are USDA Organic certified with the seal to prove it.

If you have any questions about the products or would like to host a party (you can get some pretty cool incentives!) please feel free to contact me.