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The Picture of Deployment

I’m standing at the curb, holding a squirming one-year-old with one arm while trying to push the uncooperative stroller seating my two-year-old up onto the sidewalk with the other. I’m sweating profusely and silently cursing the stroller, hot sun beating down on me, and my daughter’s decision that she didn’t want to walk anymore and now needed to ride in the stroller which meant carrying my youngest daughter. {Even though she was the one who, while walking out of our apartment, informed me that she wanted to walk to the store and persuaded me to take the single stroller for only Scarlett to ride in.}

My friend happened to come upon me after multiple attempts to coax the stroller up onto the sidewalk and said in one simple declaration: “That is the picture of deployment right there.”

I couldn’t agree more. A frustrated and tired mom, having carried her child for over a half mile {unnecessarily, mind you}, who just wants to make it back home to make dinner for the girls, give them baths, put them down for bed, and have a couple hours to herself before getting broken sleep and starting it all over again tomorrow. Only to be repeated for months.

Being a “single” mom and a military spouse is not glamorous. It’s hard work. Day in and day out. Oh, how thankful I am that this is our last deployment this sea tour before we move back to the States and get a much needed break. I’m counting down the days.

There was a glimpse today of peace and quiet, one tiny redeeming part of my day. I went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. It was a glorious two hours all to myself. I kind of felt bad that I wasn’t my chatty self with the stylist but I was basking in the fact that I didn’t need to reply yes, honey or stop doing that a thousand times. It was wonderful.

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Some days, we look for any little break we can get. Hopefully this deployment will go quickly.


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