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We’re moving!!

I guess I never officially announced on here where we are moving to next! Adam, the girls, and I are will be moving to….




We will be moving this coming fall and are getting really excited to:

1) live in the US of A again

2) live in a new area we’ve never lived before

3) buy another house (Lord willing)

4) live only 13 hours from family!

While we would love to be living near our many friends in Virginia Beach, there are a lot of positives that will come from living in Meridian, MS. So, if any of you lovely readers need a little time to recharge from the daily grind and are looking for some pretty nice weather (especially January-March), come on down! But please – wait until we are moved in a little before coming. We want to make sure we’re good hosts and you aren’t sleeping among boxes. 🙂



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